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Winnebago Travato Pure3 Lithium Energy System powered by Volta Power Systems

Winnebago Travatob Pure3 Energy Management System

Winnebago Industries launches the most powerful, durable, and easy to use lithium energy system in the industry! The Pure3 Energy Management System Powered by Volta Power Systems. 


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Pure3 System Features Include:

    • Full system design to ensure safe, reliable operation

    • Seamless switchover from shore power

    • Compact and light weight

    • Automotive-grade wiring and connectors

    • Charges while driving or from shore and solar

    • US-built. Same automotive-grade technology used in hybrid vehicle and EV applications

    • Temperature controlled battery compartment

Power Feature of the Pure3 Energy Management System in the Travato - Featured Blog

The most powerful 3600W pure sine inverter, bringing 30 amps of
power whereever you go! The MPPT solar controller provides best-in-
class solar absorption, up to 30% better than competitors, giving
you more off-grid performance. Travato comes standard with the
200W with ports to plug in additional panels.

Reliability Feature of the Pure3 Energy Management System in the Travato

The Winnebago and Volta team included the best
automotive-grade electrical connectors and
wiring harness
to ensure trouble-free operations.

Operation Feature of the Pure3 Energy Management System in the Travato

Under 200 lbs. the three-module automotive-grade energy
pack provides 9,500 Whrs. Watertight and durable, the steel
housing is the safest in the market. Travato's dedicated 58V
alternator is 2x as powerful as competitors. Its compact
design keeps it out of the way of curbs and road debris.

Sustainability Feature of the Pure3 Energy Management System in the Tra

 Winnebago's Auto-Start and high-idle control
significantly extends air conditioner run time. One simple
gauge changes color to let you know how much
energy is remaining with just a glance.

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